The new company TOPTOP Outfit officially launches its activities with the launch of its transactional site. The company offers color-pop sports bras aimed at teenage girls and women. Rachel Frigon, Stéphanie Rousseau and Éric Morel, the three partners in the project, have made it their mission to offer customers a beautiful, comfortable and supportive product that will give them self-confidence.

The idea for the TOPTOP project began to germinate in Rachel Frigon's head during the pandemic. A seasoned athlete practicing CrossFit, she herself is a big consumer of sports bras. However, she was never satisfied with the products she bought. So she had the idea of ​​drawing "tops» to have some sewn for his personal use. And then, she gave gifts to her friends, then reviewed the models according to the comments she received, to improve the product until she found the best pattern for the creation of TOPTOP. "I realized that I was on to something when I asked my friends to give me the tops since they were test models. They all wanted to keep them because they had never worn sports bras so supportive, covering and beautiful.!says Rachel Frigon.

The arrival of Stéphanie more than full time and Éric in the project took place at the end of the summer of 2021. The new association has propelled the company to new heights. "Stephanie's entrepreneurial leadership and artistic streak has upgraded TOPTOP to the high-end level and a more than promising future. It goes without saying that the reputation of the well-known businessman in Mauricie, Éric Morel, is second to none. His sound advice and numerous contacts in various fields have enabled TOPTOP to benefit from credibility and an immense momentum towards success.adds Rachel Frigon .


The three partners have surrounded themselves with the best for the development, production and promotion of their entirely Quebec product. The TOPTOP are made in Montreal by the Au Noir company , owner of the Empire Shirt factory in Louiseville. "The first production, which will be available on our website, will be used to assess our market. But we know that this will be the start of a beautiful and great adventure that will lead us to export the product quite quickly, the enthusiasm for the brand is impressive.! We've already been selling gift certificates for several weeks!“, adds Stéphanie Rousseau, partner at TOPTOP . The product will be available in several color choices, giving every woman the opportunity to express her personality as she wishes. Other TOPTOP colored merchandise will also appear a little later on the website.

Beyond the product, the mission

Self-acceptance and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle are at the heart of the values ​​of the creators of TOPTOP . Mother of a 13-year-old girl, Rachel Frigon is able to see all the complexity surrounding the changes experienced during puberty. "Young people are often uncomfortable during this period because their bodies are changing. We want young girls and women to have a good relationship with their physical appearance and we want to highlight their strength of character, their ability to achieve what they want in life and their personality. By wearing TOPTOP , we want them to feel confident and invincible. Whether they are on a soccer field, at home with the children between two bottles or at the office in the middle of a meeting, TOPTOP will follow them everywhere!“, she adds.

Nothing is left to chance at TOPTOP, especially not the feelings experienced by young and old who will see the advertising campaigns on social media. “ It is not an easy puzzle to represent all the differences and to draw the line between self-acceptance, the image felt, desired or projected. Whether you are tall, skinny, chubby, short, pale, white, one-legged, brunette, transgender, dwarf, redhead, Asian, shaved, FOR US, you are yourself. BE YOUR GREATEST STRENGTH! “, adds Rachel Frigon.


Associates make sure to do things professionally. The trio made it a point to get a multitude of opinions from parents, teenagers and professionals, to reassure them in their way of presenting the product. "We agree that we don't sell a turtleneck so it's certain that the woman's body, regardless of its shape and age, is highlighted by our tops. It is essential that the girls who participate in our photo sessions represent the majority of the girls and women who will wear TOPTOP and that they assume the chosen photographs. Parents are in the equation for the youngest models and we make sure to radiate a tasteful image that makes you want to wear TOPTOP and feel beautiful and strong.!adds Stephanie Rousseau


TOPTOP Outfit's primary mission is to offer a product designed in Quebec that provides the support and comfort needed by women of diverse body types in their daily lives. Founded in 2021 by three partners from Mauricie, the company wishes to shed light on women who are mentally strong, but also vulnerable at times, who respect themselves and who are aware of their value. Pride and self-confidence are two of the important values ​​that TOPTOP wants to inspire in its customers.


Annik Bousquet

BEAUDOIN public relations