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About Toptop

TOPTOP Outfit, designed in Quebec, celebrates diversity and authenticity by providing comfort and support for all, inspiring pride and confidence every day.

The start

TOPTOP Outfit starts with a vibrant offering of sports bras, founded by Rachel Frigon, Stéphanie Rousseau, and Éric Morel. Their mission: to provide a product that combines beauty, comfort and support, boosting the confidence of each customer.

Origin and Vision
The idea was born from Rachel, a CrossFit enthusiast who was dissatisfied with the bras available. After designing the perfect product, enriched by feedback from won over friends, the project comes to life. The arrival of Stéphanie and Éric propels TOPTOP, thanks to their artistic and commercial expertise.

Local Manufacturing and Impact
Produced in Montreal by Au Noir, the first collections aim to test the market, with the ambition of rapid expansion. The bras, available in various colors, will soon be accompanied by derivative products, reflecting the unique personality of each woman.

Our values

Empowerment and Inclusivity
Rachel, touched by the challenges of her daughter's adolescence, aspires to build confidence and self-acceptance in young people and adults. TOPTOP celebrates diversity and uniqueness, with the mantra “Be your greatest strength”.

Professional and Ethical Commitment
The trio is committed to presenting TOPTOP in a professional and ethical manner, with particular attention to diverse representation and positive image. Photoshoots are conducted with parental consent and involvement for minor models, ensuring a respectable and inspiring image.

TOPTOP Outfit establishes itself as a brand that values ​​comfort, style, and empowerment, while committing to an authentic and positive representation of all women.